Schedule routine air duct maintenance appointments in Mesquite, TX

When you think about your HVAC system, do you immediately think about your ductwork? Most of the time when you have an AC issue, there's a problem with the unit. But by focusing all your attention on your unit, you forget about a massive portion of your HVAC system.

Your ductwork helps bring your cooled or heated air to every room in your house, but they can easily get filled with dust and debris. Innovative Heating And Air will keep your air vents and ductwork well maintained in Mesquite, TX or beyond.

Our air duct team will remove any allergens from your ducts to leave you with cleaner air. Contact us right now to schedule an air duct maintenance service. We'll make sure your ducts are free and clear or irritants.

Know when it's time for new ductwork

If your air conditioning unit is running efficiently but you struggle with keeping your house at an even temperature, it may be time to install new ductwork. Your ductwork plays an integral part in regulating the temperature in your home. You could have a brand-new AC unit and still be experiencing HVAC issues. We recommend scheduling a ductwork installation appointment if:

Your home is very dusty

You smell mildew

Your allergies have been acting up

Your home's temperature is inconsistent

These are all signs that your ductwork needs to be replaced. You deserve to breathe easy in your home in the Mesquite, TX area. Call 214-418-2145 right now to schedule a ductwork installation.