Let our team take care of your HVAC issues

Everyone notices when the air conditioning isn't working, but what if you could repair your unit before it officially broke? We know you're not an HVAC expert, which is why Innovative Heating And Air offers comprehensive HVAC and air conditioning repair services. Through our repair services, we'll troubleshoot your current system and recommend an effective solution.

If you're unsure about the state of your air conditioning unit, call 214-418-2145 now. Our team will determine if you need HVAC and air conditioning repair or HVAC and air conditioning installation service in Mesquite, TX or the vicinity.

5 signs your HVAC needs repairs

Typically, appliances and air conditioning units will show signs of failing before they do. If you notice...


Warm air circulating around your home when your AC is on


Loud noises coming from your unit


Water leaking from your unit


Your thermostat is malfunctioning


Your system isn't blowing any air

...it's time to schedule an HVAC repair. Contact us today to speak with a team member about your unit. We'll help you determine if you need to schedule an HVAC installation.